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Ozbekoglu was founded in 1974 and began its activities in wholesales of consumer products. In 1992, the company entered the industrial equipment market in which it still operates. The main area of activity is supplying of equipment for handling, mixing and transfer of bulk solids.

In addition to product supply, the company provides complete solutions for its customers by offering all services required in engineering, pre-sales and after-sales. Conscious of the impossibility of providing a single solution for all customers, due to many different equipment and applications in the market; Ozbekoglu, holder of ISO-9001 and ISO 14001 certificates, is able to provide a specific solution for each customer thanks to its know-how in utilizing standard components in systems created for different applications.

After entering the industrial equipment market in 1992 by supplying imported goods Ozbekoglu established its production facility in Ankara in 2009 on a total area of 18.000m2, where it continues to produce standardized products according to customer needs.

Having adopted the philosophy of production without compromising quality, Ozbekoglu focuses its services on system solutions and providing of specific products for special requirements.

Some of the products supplied by Ozbekoglu facilities are; screw conveyors, filters and accessories, butterfly valves, slide valves, actuators, pressure relief valves, level indicators, fluidization nozzles, rotary valves, loading bellows, bin activators, micro dosing units, pinch valve, concrete reclaimer system, big bag unloading unit, vibrators, capacitive and microwave moisture probes and batch control meters.

Through direct and indirect sales, Ozbekoglu products have reached customers all over the world where their quality and efficiency have been appreciated. In accordance with its goal of becoming a global brand, the company has phased in its export activities through its dealer network in Europe, Middle East and America sparing no effort to establish its quality in products and services.

Since January 2017 we opened our newest branch in the Atlanta, Georgia area as OZB USA. Our branch office in Atlanta becomes fully functional with our professional sales team.


Since our establishment, it has been more important than any earnings to never compromise our trustworthy and honest attitude towards our customers, business associates and colleagues. While moving further, we will not deviate from our ethical business concept that has brought us thus far.


Quality in production is not a goal for us, but a part of our life. While continuously developing our production skills through our investments in computer aided production tools, primarily robotic technologies, we have been able to make quality a standard.


While designing our products, we aim to exceed customer demands, rather than just meeting them. In utilizing our products for creating special systems solutions for different customers in various industries, we put special emphasis on cost and productivity.

Customer Service

Whether a standard product or a complete system demand, we are able to understand all types of customer demands and offer the required services, thanks to our experience and know-how. Our OEM and end-user customers know well that we stand by all our products and provide necessary services during its entire service life.

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0(312) 472 04 04
Çetin Emeç Bulvarı, Lizbon Caddesi, No: 6 İç Kapı No: 4 Dikmen, Ankara/Türkiye 06460
Copyright © 2020 OZB | Özbekoğlu - All Rights Reserved.